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Apple iPad (2018) review: pencil it in

Apple iPad (2018) review: pencil it in
Apple’s new base-level iPad is very good, but you knew that. Apple hasn’t produced a “bad” iPad in I don’t know how long — though it has allowed them to get a little long in the tooth from time to time. (The iPad Mini needs to either be refreshed or put down, for example.) Last year, my review of the iPad was summed up by simply telling you that it’s an iPad. The same thing applies this year.

But last year’s iPad earned effusive praise for packing a bunch of great technology into the newly low price point of $329. The same thing applies this year, but the technology isn’t quite as new. So the shine is off a bit. This iPad feels more like the result of paper-pushing rather than envelope-pushing.

This is the part where you’d expect me to tell you that since Apple is coasting a bit, there might be a better option out there, a product that competes with the iPad at the sub-$500 price point and delivers something that’s at least within the ballpark o…