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Facebook wants to save the world

Facebook wants to save the world. You've got work to do For the past six months, Mark Zuckerberg has been zigzagging the US on a well-publicized, whirlwind tour to chat with people outside the insular bubble of Silicon Valley. Along the way, Facebook's CEO met with Ford factory workers in Michigan, cattle farmers in Wisconsin and community leaders in New Orleans.
But while Zuckerberg's been attracting headlines and fueling speculation he wants to run for office, behind the scenes, another member of Facebook's top brass has been on a low-key meet-and-greet of a different kind.

Zuckerberg's longtime friend, Chris Cox, has been on a fact-finding mission with some of the nearly 2 billion people who use the social network every month. Cox, Facebook's product chief, has met with community leaders from Facebook Groups every two weeks to find out what they need from him. 
Cox and Zuckerberg have been spreading the gospel of Facebook -- the company's oft-repeated m…

Facebook, Twitter 'addicts' are happier

Facebook, Twitter 'addicts' are happier, claims study WASHINGTON: Facebook, Twitter and other social media users regard themselves as less unhappy than their friends, a study has found.

The research also found that people with the most number of connections on social media are happier that those with fewer friends.

For the purpose of the study, which used data from Twitter, reciprocal followers were defined as "friends" and users with the most connections were defined as "popular."

"This analysis contributes to a growing body of evidence that social media may be harmful to users who 'overindulge' in these services since it's nearly impossible to escape negative comparisons to their friends' popularity and happiness," said Johan Bollen, from Indiana University in the US.

The study builds upon a phenomenon known as the Friendship Paradox, which finds that most people on a social network have fewer connections on average than their f…