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New Nvidia graphics chip

The new Nvidia graphics chip for slimmer gaming laptops Nvidia's chief executive Jensen Huang has debuted a range of new products recently that expand beyond its traditional gaming focus, such as cars.

If you want to squeeze the highest frame rate and the highest level of detail out of a video game, you'll be unlikely to go for a gaming notebook.

Despite becoming increasingly slimmer and more powerful, these laptops haven't been able to compete with many of their desktop counterparts. And if they can, they have usually been anything but portable and notoriously dependent on a power outlet nearby.

Nvidia's new graphics chips of the MaxQ series are to change this to some extent.
The versions of the GeForce GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 presented at the Computex expo will use up less power and space, the manufacturer says.

This would allow them to be used in Ultrabooks, a class of particularly slim subnotebook computers.
There's also a new "whisper mode" to help…