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free macOS apps

25 free macOS apps every Mac user should have
Powerful Mac apps that won't break the bank
There’s something of a misconception when it comes to the Mac. While powerful tools like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro certainly have price tags commensurate with their robust feature sets, many of the greatest OS X apps won’t cost you anything more than the time they take to download them. And with the launch of macOS High Sierra right around the corner, we've expanded this list to include a new batch of apps to enhance your desktop experience.

A quick note before we begin. Apple has changed its security settings in recent version of macOS, so you’ll need to allow your system to open a couple of these apps. If a dialogue box pops up telling you a certain app was blocked from opening, head over to System Preferences, click the Security & Privacy tab in the first row, and select the General tab. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an “Open Anyway” button next to the name of the app.…