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iOS 11

Apple's iOS 11 Makes Siri a More Natural Woman... and Man

Toshiba not convinced by Western Digital's

Toshiba not convinced by Western Digital's bid for its chip business Toshiba Corp said on Friday it was not convinced by Western Digital Corp CEO Steve Milligan's effort to win its backing for the U.S. tech firm's revised bid for the Japanese conglomerate's highly prized chip unit.

The failure of the two business partners to resolve tensions comes as uncertainty spikes over the make-up of the groups bidding for the world's second-largest producer of NAND memory chips, less than a week before Toshiba is to announce a winner.

Toshiba is rushing to find a buyer for the business, which it values at $18 billion or more, to cover billions of dollars in cost overruns at its now-bankrupt U.S. nuclear business Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Toshiba is aiming to announce its pick of a preferred bidder on Thursday.

Some sources see Western Digital, which jointly operates a key flash memory chip plant with Toshiba in Japan, as key to any successful deal.

The two firms are, howev…